Caroline Dommen, Managing Director

Caroline Dommen has dedicated her career to working for a fairer economy. Inter alia, she has carried out research, analysis and advocacy on impacts of trade and trade agreements, directed the trade and gender equality workstream at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and developed the new concept of Human Rights Economics, largely inspired by feminist economics. She sits on the Board of Apres-Ge, Geneva’s social and solidarity network. Previously Caroline served as Director for 3D → Trade - Human Rights - Equitable Economy. She has also worked for the UN Conference on Trade and Development and the University of Geneva. Born in Mauritius, she is a dual Swiss-British national and is currently based in Geneva. Caroline has a Master's (LLM) in Law & Development from the University of London.

Paulina Sicius, Membership and Operations Associate

Paulina is an International Development professional with specialized training and experience in gender equality, youth empowerment, and education projects across various countries, including Guatemala, Haiti, and Mozambique. She has a master’s degree in International Development with a specialization in Gender from the Complutense University of Madrid. 

Wendy Khonziwe,  Program and Communications Assistant






Wendy Khonziwe has worked in grassroots intersectional feminist movements in several countries and is passionate about developing inclusive, feminist, and decolonial approaches to human rights advocacy. She has worked with the Fight Inequality Alliance supporting frontline activists in their efforts to tackle economic inequality by influencing policies and redefining the narratives that drive them. She is the co-founder of The Total Shutdown Movement, whose global mobilization efforts resulted in the development of the NSP (National Strategic Plan), a 10-year plan to curb Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in South Africa. Wendy leverages her background in software engineering and digital marketing to tap into the existing creativity and practices of non-profits and expand their mission. She is based in South Africa. 

 MaryBeth Bognar, Mentorship Program Coordinator

MaryBeth works collaboratively to manage communities and programs on gender, human-centered design, labor, education, and justice. Most recently, she worked at the intersection of gender and design innovation with for projects on international development, agriculture, and future forecasting. Previously she managed gender responsive programming to ensure people accused of crimes in conflict countries had access to justice with the International Legal Foundation; managed global feminist research and advocacy with the Center for Women's Global Leadership; and conducted participatory research on education in crisis contexts. She holds an MSc. in Global Affairs-Gender Studies from NYU.

Srishti Pal, Conference Assistant

Srishti is a young scholar keen on undertaking multi-disciplinary research  at the intersections of art, activism and academia.  Her research interests focus on queer rights, decolonial feminism, digital activism and social justice frameworks . She has a master's degree in Gender, Development and Globalization from the London School of Economics and a bachelor's degree in economics from University of Delhi. Prior to LSE, she interned at Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations and was also actively involved with the Rethinking Economics India Movement advocating for pluralism in economics.