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IAFFE offers a diverse array of events throughout the year, tailored to address topical issues and to cater to the varied interests of members. 

 Upcoming Online Events

Fireside Chat celebrating Joanna Rostek's 2023 Suraj Mal and Shyama Devi Agarwal Book Prize for her book, "Women's Economic Thought in the Romantic Age"!

June 24, 15:00-16:00 CEST| 9-10 am ET

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Join us for a fireside chat on June 24th as we celebrate Joanna Rostek, author of the award-winning book "Women’s Economic Thought in the Romantic Age"!

Joanna's work has earned her the prestigious 2023 Suraj Mal and Shyama Devi Agarwal Book Prize, and we're excited to hear her insights on the often-overlooked contributions of women economists during the Romantic Age.

Edith Kuiper will moderate the conversation, exploring how Joanna's research sheds light on the history of economic thought and its relevance to contemporary issues.

Plus, you can now read Joanna's book Open Access! Follow the links to dive in: [ or

Don't miss this chance to engage with Joanna and Edith on June 24th! 

Fireside Chat with Caroline Shenaz Hossein:  Reflections on Beyond Racial Capitalism: Co-operatives in the African Diaspora

June 14, 15:00–16:00 CEST| 9-10 am ET

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Please join us for a fireside chat featuring Caroline Shenaz Hossein, Professor of Global Development at the University of Toronto Scarborough, a member of the IAFFE board, and Founder of Diverse Solidarity Economies (DISE) Collective. Suzanne Bergeron, Professor Emerita at the University of Michigan Dearborn, will lead a discussion with Caroline on anti-racist feminist political economy, solidarity economy activities, and her recent book, Beyond Racial Capitalism: Co-operatives in the African Diaspora.

Speaker Titles:

  • Dr. Caroline Shenaz Hossein, Associate Professor of Global Development, University of Toronto Scarborough

  • Dr. Suzanne Bergeron, Graves Collegiate Professor Emerita of Women's Studies and Social Sciences, University of Michigan Dearborn

 Past Online Events


We hosted an insightful conversation with Sara Cantillon, Odile Mackett, and Sara Stevano, authors of the book Feminist Political Economy: A Global Perspective. Moderated by Yazgı Genç, this event delved into the book's central themes and arguments, offering a fresh perspective on the intersections of gender, class, race, and power in the global economic system. We chatted about the authors' vision and inspiration and engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the future of feminist political economy.

  • CONVERSATIONS WITH NAILA KABEER: Reversed Realities and Feminist Economic Strategies for Today's World 

On May 23rd we honor Professor Naila Kabeer's groundbreaking contributions to international development and feminist economics! As a former IAFFE president and renowned scholar, Naila Kabeer has made remarkable contributions to the field, including her iconic book Reversed Realities (1994), which exposes biases in mainstream development theory and policy, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable approach. We celebrated her legacy and continued impact on feminist economics and gender equality. 

  • IAFFE ACADEMY: Publishing in Economics [Members-Only Online Event]

On  April 24, Stefania Marchina hosted Eliott Mills, Publisher at Taylor & Francis, for an online event on best practices for publishing economics papers. He shared expert insights on journal publication strategies, overcoming common reasons for rejection, Open Access publishing options, and the Annual Inclusive Economics Prize. (see more info here). The recording is available to stream for IAFFE members only. Not a member yet? Join IAFFE today and enjoy this and many other benefits! 

Watch our event featuring Stephanie Seguino interviewed by Talia Esnard on Stratification and Structural Change. What is the impact of globalization on inequality? What is its relation to stratification economics? 


IAFFE Feminist Economics 101: Özlem Onaran interviewed by Izaskun Zuazu Bermejo on the Green, Purple, and Red Deal, 28 February.  

 Militarism and Gender Equality in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region

FE 101: Time-Use Surveys: Importance, Challenges, and Future Directions


Explore IAFFE's online events, organized into the tracks below:  You can access recordings of all previous online events on IAFFE's YouTube page

- Building Bridges: Explores how to build bridges among stakeholders across different sectors working on key issues within feminist economic agendas.

- Feminist Economics 101: Interviews of senior scholars by young/early career scholars about their work and key concepts in feminist economics

- Feminist Macroeconomics: Examines critical current issues in macroeconomic theory and policy from a feminist economic lens.

- Feminist Economics of Global Reproductive Justice: Highlights the economic channels and impacts of reproductive justice and creates a convening space for global feminist economic reflections to support movements for reproductive justice.

- Fireside Chats: Interviews that feature authors of recently released books with important feminist economic content or seminal scholars in the field. 

- IAFFE Academy: Ongoing professional development events covering all aspects of career-building for those who are new to feminist economics.

- Regional Feminist Economic Dialogues: Focuses on feminist economic topics of importance within different regions, held in regional-specific languages and time zones.

- Research Methods: Delves into methodological issues within feminist economic research and various aspects of rigorous methods for conducting feminist research.

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