Online Events

The IAFFE Online Events Committee curates a diverse array of events throughout the year, tailored to cater to the varied interests of members and leadership. Below are the current event tracks:

    • Building Bridges: Explores how to build bridges among stakeholders across different sectors working on key issues within feminist economic agendas.
    • Feminist Economics 101: Interviews of senior scholars by young/early career scholars about their work and key concepts in feminist economics
    • Feminist Macroeconomics: Examines critical current issues in macroeconomic theory and policy from a feminist economic lens.
    • Feminist Economics of Global Reproductive Justice: Highlights the economic channels and impacts of reproductive justice and creates a convening space for global feminist economic reflections to support movements for reproductive justice.
    • Fireside Chats: Interviews that feature authors of recently released books with important feminist economic content or seminal scholars in the field. 
    • IAFFE Academy: Ongoing professional development events covering all aspects of career-building for those who are new to feminist economics.
    • Regional Feminist Economic Dialogues: Focuses on feminist economic topics of importance within different regions, held in regional-specific languages and time zones.
    • Research Methods: Delves into methodological issues within feminist economic research and various aspects of rigorous methods for conducting feminist research.
Where to find past events:

In addition to the playlists for event tracks linked above, all of IAFFE's past online events are available on IAFFE's YouTube page