What is Feminist Economics?
Feminist economics shies away from a single definition. Rather, it favours a diversity of methodological approaches and research topics. It can be seen as a forum, or home, for diverse and heterodox views, methods, and topics in economics. (See e.g. Corsi and Zacchia, 2023)

“Robust discussions of power, patriarchy, and social provisioning are the bread and butter of feminist economics.”  (Small, 2023.)

Is Feminist Economics only about women?
No, feminist economics goes beyond focusing solely on women. It examines how economic theories and practices affect all genders and seeks to address and rectify gender-based inequalities in economic systems.

How much does it cost to be an IAFFE member?
We have a membership plan to suit different budgets. Click here to view the different pricing options.

Who can become a member of IAFFE, and how can one join?
IAFFE welcomes academics, activists, policy theorists, and practitioners from around the world. Anyone sharing a commitment to advancing gender-aware and inclusive economic inquiry can become a member.

What does a feminist economist look like?

Photos By: Stephanie Seguino

What is the IAFFE Annual Conference, and who can attend?
The IAFFE Annual Conference is a key IAFFE event. It offers a platform for academics, activists, policy theorists, and practitioners worldwide to gather, network, and discuss feminist economics. The Conference is open to anyone interested in feminist economics.