Please reach out to staff as follows. 

IAFFE Governance, Board, Executive Committee, and any other matters:
Contact: Caroline Dommen
Email: [email protected]
Role: Managing Director

Communications, Book Celebrations & Prizes, Online events, Publication, and Archives:
Contact: Wendy Khonziwe
Email:[email protected]  
Role: Communications and Program Assistant

Membership, Financial matters, Public statements:
Contact: Paulina Sicius
Email: [email protected]
Role: Membership and Operations Associate

Inquiries about the Mentorship Program:
Contact: MaryBeth Bognar
Email: [email protected]
Role: Mentorship Program Coordinator

Inquiries about the Annual IAFFE Conference:
Contact: Srishti Pal
Email: spal@iaffe org
Role: Conference Assistant

Feminist Economics Journal:
Contact: Nancy Granahan Baise
Email: [email protected]
Role: Financial and Events Administrator

You may also send an email to [email protected] and we will make sure that it reaches the person in IAFFE who may best assist you.