Feminist Economics Courses & Syllabus

IAFFE views universities and educational institutions as sites where economics is learned, economists are produced, and economic thought is reproduced. Only a few universities and departments of economics provide training in feminist economics. People interested in studying feminist approaches to economics often do not know how to get started. Hence, Feminist Economics course syllabi are instruments for developing this school of thought. 

If you teach in this area, we invite you to submit your syllabus and contribute to the growing repository of resources for students and educators.

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This initiative is part of IAFFE’s efforts to strengthen links among institutions which currently provide training in feminist economics to develop cooperative programs, courses, and resources to enhance opportunities for those wanting formal training, as well as IAFFE’s work to assist more institutions to integrate feminist economics into their economics education programs. We invite you to submit your syllabi and contribute to the growing repository of resources for students and educators.

Below, you'll find a compilation of the syllabi that have already been submitted. 

Critical Feminist Investigations, Undergraduate (BA)

Economics of Gender, Undergraduate (BA)

Feminist Economics and Economics of Gender, Graduate (MA)

Gender and Development, Undergraduate

Gender and Development, Graduate

Gender and Labor Economics, Undergraduate (BA)

Introductory-level courses, Undergraduate (BA)

Statistics for Feminists, Undergraduate (BA)

Topics from a Feminist Economic Perspective, Undergraduate (BA)

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