Mission Statement

The International Association for Feminist Economics is an open, diverse community of academics, activists,
policy theorists, and practitioners from around the world. Our common cause is to further gender-aware and
inclusive economic inquiry and policy analysis with the goal of enhancing the well-being of children, women,
and men in local, national, and transnational communities.

By opening new areas of economic inquiry, welcoming diverse voices, and encouraging critical exchanges,
IAFFE’s many activities and award-winning journal provide needed space for a variety of theoretical perspectives
and advance gender-based research on contemporary economics issues.


Purposes & Activities

 IAFFE Purposes

  • To foster dialogue and resource sharing among economists and others from all over the world who take feminist viewpoints
  • To advance feminist inquiry into economic issues
  • To educate economists, policy makers, and the general public on feminist points of view on economic issues
  • To foster evaluations of the underlying constructs of the economics discipline from feminist perspectives
  • To aid in expanding opportunities for women, and especially women from under represented groups, within economics
  • To promote interaction among researchers, activists, and policy makers in order to improve scholarship and policy
  • To encourage the inclusion of feminist perspectives in the economic classroom


IAFFE Activities

  • Organization of an annual conference to present current research, plan future research, and interact with economists and advocates with similar interests
  • Organization of sessions at national, regional, and international meetings of economists
  • Publication of a newsletter which reports on activities, opportunities, and resources of interest
  • Maintenance of an electronic mail network to provide quick and low-cost communication among subscribers interested in feminist economics
  • Compilation of bibliographies, course syllabi, and a list of working papers on feminist economics
  • Publication of a scholarly journal, Feminist Economics, to increase awareness of feminist research in economics